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yahoo widget iconBrookdale Public Radio has a host of Widgets that run on the Yahoo! Widget Engine. The Yahoo! Widget Engine is a cross platform (Windows XP, OS X) program that keeps the stuff that you love right at your fingertips.
To get Widgets on your desktop, you first need to download the Yahoo! Widget Engine.

Download the Engine: Windows version or Mac version
System Requirements:

  • Windows XP with Service Pack 1 installed or Windows 2000 with Service Pack 3 installed, or newer, or Mac OS X 10.3 or newer.
  • A connection to the Internet.
  • 512 megabytes of RAM is recommended.

WBJB Windows Media Streamer

windows mediaDescription: This Widget was created to allow you to browse through 4 of our audio streams. Both our FM webcast and our new Jam Room webcast are available in mp3 and aac+ formats.

Windows Media Player is required. AAC+ streams require WMP plug-in (see www.wbjb.org/listen for details). Only available for Windows (sorry Mac Users)

Download Windows Version now

WBJB Real Streamer

real player Description: This Widget enables you to stream Brookdale Public Radio to your desktop using Yahoo! Widget Engine. Requires RealPlayer.

Download for Windows & OS X now


Description: Want to know what song we’re playing? Now you can with the WBJB Now On widget. There are also links to our homepage, streaming info, and membership built-in.

Download for Windows & OS X now


Description: Now you can view all of Brookdale Public Radio’s RSS feeds in one place. You can view local, music, odd, and tech news alongside our On-Air Blog, New Music listings, The Radio 101 Blog, Interviews, Videos, station announcements and our MySpace blogs.

Download for Windows & OS X now

WBJB Library Search

Description:Use this Widget to search our music library online. When you find the song you want you can rate the song, request the song, and buy it on Amazon.com. Download for Windows & OS X now

Brookdale Guitar Show Countdown

Description: Here’s a little Widget that will countdown to the 10th Annual Brookdale Guitar in Lincroft NJ (Feb. 18, 2007). If you’re in Jersey check it out. Links to pages “about box”.


Download for Windows & OS X now