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Blondie – Long Time

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US beach money forces town to give more parking near coast

MANTOLOKING, N.J. (AP) — One of the biggest obstacles to public beach access in New Jersey may be coming to an end. …read more

New York bus terminal project shifts focus to existing site

NEW YORK (AP) — A plan to replace the nation’s busiest bus terminal in New York is shifting focus to the facility’s existing site. …read more

Christie proposes making Horizon use surplus to cover more

JERSEY CITY, N.J. (AP) — New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie says he has submitted legislation requiring the state’s largest health insurer to use its surplus to expand coverage. …read more

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Proposal: Public Media Funding Eliminated

The FY 18 federal budget has been released and it calls for eliminating funding for the Corporation For Public Broadcasting.  Although this funding accounts for 0.01% of the federal budget it provides critical funding for over 1,400 of local public television and radio stations around the country.

23% of 90.5 The Night’s annual budget comes from CPB.  Imagine this station running 23% less of the programming you love…23% less of all this great music, 23% less interviews, 23% less DJs, 23% less traffic, weather, and local programming.

This is a true threat to what you enjoy and rely on.  We need the support of you, our listeners and members.  Help us provide 100% of what you love on the air now!

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