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Program Schedule


12a-6a: Music on The Night

  • Monday & Tuesday: Jamie D
  • Wednesday: Andrew Maggs
  • Thursday & Friday: Megan O’Shea

6a-10a: Mornings On The Night w/Michele
10a-3p: Music w/Rich
3p-7p: Music w/Jeff & Megan O’Shea
7p-11p: Music w/Stu

  • Monday 11p: Unleashed
  • Tuesday 11p: Fresh Tracks
  • Wednesday 11p: Classic Rewind
  • Thursday 11p: Featured Artist of the Week
  • Friday 11p-1a: Altrok


1a-5a: Music w/Fox
6a-9a: Music w/Andrew Maggs
10a: eTown
11a-3p: Music w/Stephanie
3p-7p: Music
7p-11p: Music w/Tara
11p: FM Flashback with Radio Daddy
12a-4a: Music w/Fox
4a-8a: Music w/Andrew Maggs
8a: Our Week
9a-11a: Acoustic Cafe
11a-3p: Music w/Stephanie
3p-7p: Music
7p-10p Music w/Tom
10p-12a: Box of Blues w/Stu