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Top 15 Songs of 2006

  1. SEE THE WORLD from GOMEZ’s album “How We Operate”
  2. HOLD ON, HOLD ON from NEKO CASE’s album “Fox Confessor Brings The Flood”
  3. I SHOULD GET UP from TEDDY THOMPSON’s album “Separate Ways”
  4. HELP ME, SUZANNE from RHETT MILLER’s album “The Believer”
  5. GONE from PEARL JAM’s album “Pearl Jam”
  6. FOR US from PETE YORN’s album “Nightcrawler”
  7. FLIRTING WITH TIME from TOM PETTY’s album “Highway Companion”
  8. CONCEIVED from BETH ORTON’s album “Comfort Of Strangers”
  9. TUFF KID from SHAWN COLVIN’s album “These Four Walls”
  10. THINGS ARE GONNA CHANGE (THE MORNING AFTER) from “RAY DAVIES’s album Other People’s Lives”
  11. I THOUGHT YOU WERE A SPY from WORLD PARTY’s album “Dumbing Up”
  12. UNEMPLOYABLE from PEARL JAM’s album “Pearl Jam”
  13. IT TAKES TWO from DARDEN SMITH’s album “Field Of Crows”
  14. WHERE DID THE ORDINARY PEOPLE GO? from XTC (iTunes.com download)
  15. HOW CAN YOU LIVE IN THE NORTHEAST? from PAUL SIMON’s album “Surprise”