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Business Support of 90.5 The NIGHT

You can advertise on Public Radio!

What are the benefits of public radio marketing?
Direct association with an enriching, stimulating, trusted and award-winning radio station and service: 90.5 The NIGHT and National Public Radio¨. Specifically targeted marketing to a well-educated, successful, quality-conscious, community-active audience.
An effective vehicle in reaching a prime demographic of infrequent and discerning users of other broadcast services, especially television. NPR¨ listeners are concentrated in the 25-54 age group, which includes the desirable baby-boomers with a median age of 42.
Your underwriting is perceived as a valuable contribution to the community. Straightforward public image-building without commercial “clutter.”

Find out more About Us, and Our Listeners.  When you support Brookdale Public Radio you can receive these benefits.  You can also look into our Underwriting Guidelines.

Per spot rate and packages available. Promote your business publicly with Brookdale Public Radio 90.5 The NIGHT!