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About Us

About Us

Our Format
Brookdale Public Radio is a unique voice on the dial with a new mix of music bringing some of the most talented songwriters and musicians to the New Jersey and National Public Radio¨ (NPR) programs.
Programming that goes beyond the standard news and music functions of most radio stations, enriching, inspiring and challenging our listeners with thought-provoking news and information.

Brookdale Public Radio is a public, noncommercial radio station licensed to Brookdale Community College. Like most public radio stations, Brookdale Public Radio airs fewer announcements with a dedicated listening audience. The association with NPR and Brookdale Public Radio’s unique programming is something greatly valued by our listeners. You can take pride in the fact that you are helping to make a direct difference in the lives of our listeners by giving them access to quality programming and local events.

About our listeners
The public radio listener:

  • well-educated, business leaders, and active in the community.
  • public radio listeners are concentrated in the desirable baby boom group, ages 25-54.
  • National Public Radio¨ attracts an audience most notably distinguished by its educational excellence and professional success.
    Geographic Listening Area
  • Brookdale Public Radio’s signal covers the majority of central New Jersey, two-thirds of the state!
  • Neatly pocketed between the #1 market, New York, and the #6 market, Philadelphia.
  • 90.5 The NIGHT has the capability to reach nearly a million listeners!