Tell a friend Deal – Fall 2017

Bet you have a friend with great taste in music, right? Someone you go to shows with all the time. But, the weird thing is that even though your friend has the same passion for music like you, they aren’t supporting 90.5 the Night.
Here’s how you can change that.
If you know someone who loves music like you, but isn’t a member of 90.5 the Night, like you, let your friend know that if they become a member, we’ll send both you and your friend $20 gift cards for Bubbakoos Burritos, and each a ticket so you both can see Keller Williams in concert at the Stone Pony on Saturday November 11th.


If you’re a member and need to renew, click here.
If you’re friend sent you here, click here to get the gift cards and tickets.