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Mt Joy – My Vibe

When songwriter Matt Quinn and his Mt. Joy bandmates (guitarist Sam Cooper, bassist Michael Cooper, drummer Sotiris Eliopoulos, and keyboardist / wizard Jackie Miclau) came together to record their sophomore album Rearrange Us, the band was in rough shape — adrift in a miasma of situational and romantic agony, digging themselves out of relationships that had soured in the harsh light of a life permanently spent in a van somewhere between Stockton and Peoria. Even producer Tucker Martine’s (My Morning Jacket, The Decemberists, Modest Mouse) Portland studio had recently been burglarized.
Over the course of a year, what was first a bedroom project was now a band that Rolling Stone called “your new folk-rock heroes.” Industry publications called the album “a major breakthrough” (Billboard), and single “Silver Lining” hit #1 on the AAA Radio Charts, with “Jenny Jenkins” following it up by hitting #5. New fans — earned ear-by-ear with every tour stop, festival set, early morning radio session, and moment of internet discovery — were singing along at sold out club dates.
Rearrange Us is ultimately about finding ways to work past one’s emotional and mental struggles with intentionality; about realizing that sometimes you’ve got to force yourself into the right headspace to find some form of solace.

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Rev MOOSE/NIVA (19 June 2020)

Brookdale Public Radio’s Jeff Raspe chats with Rev MOOSE of the National Independent Venue Association about what NIVA is doing on behalf of the 2000+ independent live music and comedy venues in America. 90% of them are in danger of closing for good without some kind of federal assistance before they’re allowed to reopen post COVID-19 pandemic.

Support NIVA, visit SaveOurStages.

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