Stuck on Repeat: Track 21 (Valentine’s Edition)

Check out what “love” songs are stuck in our DJ’s heads and why.

Michele McBride: Yes, I know it’s not a “love song” but my husband and I had our first date during a beautiful harvest moon…

Jeff Raspe: It’s a love songs that, as David Byrne has put it, “that wasn’t corny, that didn’t sound stupid or lame the way many do.” It’s such a cool song you don’t realize it’s a silly love song.

Stu Coogan: Cause it’s the only thing consistent about that emotion


Stephanie Coskey: I was cleaning out my car and found Lenny Kravitz “5” CD

Jaimee Denaro: Picture it: Seattle, 1996.  Jersey Girl gets invited to see Jill Sobule @ The Comet Tavern. It reminds me of seeing her in Seattle, good times.  Plus, I share her lack of organizational skills
Currently on repeat in my car and am singing this at my next open mic when I’m better.

Radio Daddy: Our wedding song, 31 years ago. Still falling in love

Fox: This was my wedding song. And, this recording is sung as a duet by John Butler and his wife. What’s more romantic than singing a love song with the person it was written about?

Tom Brennan: This one holds a dear place in my heart, just like my bride.