Stuck on Repeat: Track 24

For this edition of “Stuck On Repeat” we asked our DJs some of the songs they could think of during our time alone together.  Here’s what they couldn’t stop thinking about.

We also have a Spotify playlist you can follow with these songs on them as well.

Fox: When leaving the station the other day I was thinking of how I felt as isolated outside as I did inside… having come and gone without directly interacting with another human. It reminded me of a movie which featured AM 180 by Grandaddy. Since then I have that ‘broken piano’ synth bouncing around my head.

Michele: Set me free!

Stephanie: When you’re tired of being stuck at home and you want to take a drive

Tom: I mean the only song I could think of, and this time really mean it.

Radio Daddy: Close call between this and Metallica‘s “Don‘t Tread on Me.” Merle wins.