Proposed Parking Ordinance In Deal Sees Resistance

An ordinance in Deal has met some resistance online. Oridinance #1244 in Deal would allow parking by cars only displaying residential parking permits. The hours they can park on some the streets; Monday through Sunday between 8 A-M and 8 P-M from May 1st to October 31st.

A and a Facebook group oppose the ordinance saying it restricts access to the beaches to surfers and fisherman. The groups also cite a $40 million beach replenishment project where new sand is being placed no the beach with tax payer money.

Stephen Carasia, the borough administrator, told , “This doesn’t block access to the beach, the access is still there. There are other areas to park in.”

As of this morning The Change dot org petition has 2700 supporters and the Facebook group has 1300 members. The next borough meeting will be held on October 9th at 9 A-M at Borough Hall.

Voter education website launched

FREEHOLD, NJ – On Monday, Monmouth County Clerk Christine Giordano Hanlon launched a new voter education website to assist voters in Monmouth County with elections information. (more…)