Coco – Last Of The Loving

photo by Stella Hartmann

Maia Friedman (of Dirty Projectors, Uni Ika Ai), Dan Molad (of Lucius, Chimney), and Oliver Hill (of Pavo Pavo, Dustrider) are Coco. In 2019, Maia, Dan, and Oliver came together on an afternoon in Los Angeles. Old friends with rich history Maia and Oliver had toured together more than once; Dan had produced music for their respective projects the trio convened with ambiguous artistic intention, easy chemistry, and open expectations. Before the sun had set, Coco had a name and two fully formed songs. This egalitarian approach proved a wise one. The bandís sonic sensibilities meld and complement like watercolors, an artful amalgamation of eclectic influences and musical specialties. Each voice a piercing force of its own, Maia, Dan, and Oliver seem to fall into their harmonies rather than find them, vocals softly swaying into place with aimless grace. The sound floats and wilts with an elegant effortlessness, a happening more apt to haunt than soothe. Coco recorded their self-titled debut album in three studios across the country: The Paella Pit in LA, Three Sirens in Nashville, and the Lake House in Spicewood, Texas. Over ten tracks, the band outrightly defy decade, their sound sitting as comfortably with the intimate pop of Stereolab or Arthur Russell as the iconic sweeping productions of the Carpenters or Astrud Gilberto. Full of human energy, the music feels at once tightly constructed and expansive, inviting the listener to wander and explore its hallways. Its sense of momentum casts a gentle, funky, melodic spell.

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