Commissioner leadership roles go to Arnone and Kiley

LINCROFT, NJ – Monmouth County Commissioner Thomas A. Arnone and Commissioner Susan M. Kiley were appointed as Commissioner Director and Commissioner Deputy Director, respectively, at the Board’s 2022 Organization Meeting held on Thursday, Jan. 6 at Brookdale Community College.

“I would like to thank the Board for appointing me to serve as Director in 2022,” said Commissioner Director Arnone. “I want to take this opportunity to thank our staff here at Monmouth County because we are truly a team and it makes Monmouth County the best county in the State of New Jersey.”

“Today is a great day because I sit with four colleagues that are dedicated and committed to not just their departments but to all departments in Monmouth County and this is why we come out so strong,” added Commissioner Director Arnone. “In this upcoming year, I plan on continuing the great work we did in 2021 and I am so proud of the tough decisions we made which puts us head and shoulders above other counties. This is going to be a great year ahead in Monmouth County.”

“I want to thank sincerely all the Monmouth County voters for allowing me to have a second term as a Commissioner, a job I truly love. And thank you to Director Arnone and my fellow Commissioners for having faith in me to be Deputy Director again this year,” said Commissioner Deputy Director Kiley. “Throughout 2021, our employees worked tirelessly and they stepped up, took on new tasks and even risked their lives to help our residents. We would not be able to have accomplished what we did without them.”

Prior to the selection of the Board leadership, Monmouth County Surrogate Maureen Raisch and Commissioner Deputy Director Kiley were sworn into office by the Hon. Joseph W. Oxley, Judge Superior Court Monmouth County. Raisch was sworn into her first five-year term as Monmouth County Surrogate and Commissioner Deputy Director Kiley was sworn into her second three-year term as Monmouth County Commissioner.

“I am excited to be standing here as the Monmouth County Surrogate and I am so honored to be following in the footsteps of Rosemarie Peters whom I consider a friend and mentor,” said Surrogate Raisch. “My immediate goal is to continue to improve the systems and processes to help those who need us.”

The Board of County Commissioners also gave their annual reports for 2021 and their goals for 2022.

“One of my lifelong interests is American history and the role that our military has played in it. Monmouth County has had a significant role in it from the beginning with the Battle of Monmouth,” said Commissioner Lillian G. Burry. “I have been involved and it remains my ongoing privilege, with projects such as Weapon Station Earl, Fort Monmouth and Solider On to restore, preserve and create resources for Monmouth County’s military heritage and to our veterans.”

“It is an honor and a privilege to begin my third year as a member of the Monmouth County Board of County Commissioners,” said Commissioner Nick DiRocco. “I want to thank the residents of our great county for the opportunity to serve and I promise that once again this year I will work hard, along with my colleagues on the Board of Commissioners, to promote and effectuate all of the values that we hold dear in Monmouth County.”

“My first year as Commissioner has been learning a different form of government, and I have been fortunate to be assigned some really phenomenal departments and some great directors who I have sat down with to give me guidance on how their departments run,” said Commissioner Ross F. Licitra. “It is truly an honor to serve as Commissioner here in Monmouth County.”

The Commissioners also expressed their gratitude to outgoing County Surrogate Rosemarie Peters who has served the County honorably for the last 15 years.

During the Reorganization, Director Arnone, on behalf of the Board of County Commissioners addressed a resolution establishing the salary for the Monmouth County Sheriff, Monmouth County Clerk, Monmouth County Surrogate, and the Monmouth County Prosecutor.

“Salaries of municipal, county and state employees are available on numerous websites, however, there have been statutes on the books requiring an annual resolution for these four constitutional officers for many years; in some cases, the statute has been on the books since the early 1970s,” said Commissioner Director Arnone. “It was brought to our attention by County Counsel, that these required resolutions have never been done in Monmouth County even though the statutes have been on the books for decades. We have also learned that numerous other counties have not passed resolutions on an annual basis pursuant to the statute.”

“Going forward, we will be passing these resolutions every year based on the four statutes. In an effort to share this information and continue to fix Monmouth County’s position as a leader in transparency, I will be requesting that County Counsel advise all other counties of the need to pass an annual resolution for these four constitutional positions,” Commissioner Director Arnone continued.  “To limit the expense for the other counties I will also be requesting that County Counsel forward the resolution we are passing today to the other counties for their use.”

The Commissioners made a number of citizen member appointments to various County boards and commissions that included:

  • Public Agency Compliance Officer – Helen Fiore
  • Board of School Estimate of Brookdale Community College – Director Arnone, Commissioner Burry and Commissioner Licitra
  • Board of School Estimate for the Monmouth County Vocational Schools – Director Arnone, Commissioner DiRocco and Commissioner Burry
  • Monmouth County Emergency Management Council – Director Arnone and Commissioner Licitra
  • New Jersey Association of Counties – Teri O’Connor, alternate member – Commissioner DiRocco
  • Voting member from Monmouth for New Jersey Transportation Planning Authority – Director Arnone, alternate member – Teri O’Conner
  • Monmouth County Planning Board – Commissioner Burry, Commissioner Representative – Commissioner Licitra, alternate Commissioner Representative – Deputy Director Kiley
  • Monmouth County Police Academy Board – Director Arnone, Commissioner Representative – Commissioner Burry
  • Regular Members to the Monmouth County ACTS Advisory Council for a three-year term – Donna M. Blaze, Thomas Hays, Lori McLane, Kathleen Weir, and Desiree Whyte. Regular Member to fill an unexpired term ending in Dec. 31, 2022 – Randy Bishop
  • Regular Members to the Board of Addiction Services for a three-year term – Jeanna Corrigan-Ribon and Philip O’Hara
  • Regular Members to the Advisory Council to the Monmouth County Office on Aging for a three-year terms – Marie Bayerle, Fred Bruno, Isaiah G. Cooper and Betty Elder
  • Regular Members to the Monmouth County Agriculture Development Board for a three-year term – Charles Buscaglia, Marcus Petty John, Gary DeFelice and William Potter. Appointed Planning Board Representative to the Monmouth County Agriculture Development Board – Commissioner Burry
  • Regular Member to the Monmouth County Construction Board of Appeals for a four-year term – Richard Arzberger. Alternate member for a four-year term – Christian Giordano
  • Commissioner Member to the Monmouth County Board of Health for a one year term – Deputy Director Kiley. Commissioner Alternate Member for a one-year term – Commissioner Licitra
  • Regular Member to the Monmouth County Environmental Council for a three-year term – France Karras
  • Regular Member to the Monmouth County Fair Housing Board for a five-year term – Cheryl Finley and Rev. P. Susan Mamchak
  • Regular Member to the Monmouth County Historical Commission for a three-year term – Maureen O’Connor-Leach
  • Regular Member to the Monmouth County Library Commission for a three-year term – Barbara Lovell
  • Regular Member to the Monmouth County Planning Board for a three-year term – Charles Casagrande and Judy Martinelly
  • Alternate Citizen Member to the Monmouth County Planning Board for a one-year term – Lori Ann Davison. “Alternate No. 2” shall participate in the Planning Board’s decisions during the absence of any citizen member – Lori Ann Davidson
  • Regular Members to the Monmouth County Board of Recreation Commissioners for a five-year term – Thomas E. Hennessy, Jr., and Kevin Mandeville. Regular Member to fill an unexpired term ending Dec. 31, 2022 – Brian Foster
  • Regular Member to the Monmouth County Shade Tree Commission for a five-year term – Gary DeFelice
  • Regular Member to the Monmouth County Transportation Council for a three-year term – Benjamin Lucarelli and Nicholas Ponzio
  • Regular Member to the Monmouth County Youth Services Commission for a three-year term – Trude Arnette, Myra Carter, Amy Fisher, Jennifer Hoffer, Chanta Jackson, Ellen Fajfer, Desiree Whyte and Sebastian Trapani

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