Danielle Ponder – So Long

“Some Of Us Are Brave was a moment to pause and pay homage to Black women,” says Danielle Ponder. “My biggest cheerleaders are Black women. Bravery is what it takes to walk through this world as a Black woman, so I hope this song provides an anthem for Black women who are navigating this world with courage and strength.” In Ponder’s life, bravery manifested in the decision to leave her successful day job as a public defender to pursue singing and songwriting full time. Ponder had always been musical but chose to pursue a career in law after her brother received a 20-year sentence due to a “three strikes” law. But even as she became a tireless advocate for justice in her community—first as a public defender and later as a diversity, equity and inclusion officer in that same office—the music was never far; she remembers a time when she did a small tour in Europe and was back in court the following Monday. There eventually came a time to choose one, and so she leapt.


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