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The Borgen Project Ensures a Global Shield

April 2 @ 10:00 AM - 10:40 AM EDT


Description of the Event: The event labeled, “The Borgen Project Ensures a Global Shield,” is an event that will consist of Borgen Project Ambassador, Luke Tedford, speaking about the work of the non-profit, advocacy organization called The Borgen Project. Not only will Tedford be spreading awareness about the work of The Borgen Project, but he will uniquely describe the benefits of supporting it with his unique core message that the organization has the power to expand the shield of the U.S., thus creating a global shield.

Speech Details: The presentation will be broken down into four different segments that are based on how The Borgen Project operates, and the order will go as follows:

Issue Message- To start off the speech, it is first important to spread awareness to people about what is going on in the world around us as 689 million people are currently living in extreme poverty (living off less than $1.90 a day). There are many grassroots causes as to why the number is super high, and it is important to realize that poverty is often not the fault of the individuals. There are numerous grassroot reasonings of global poverty, and some of these causes relate to inefficient government systems, lack of education, lack of agricultural resources, the COVID-19 pandemic, mental health problems, etc.

Currently, the U.S. is being viewed as the agenda-setter for ending global poverty because the country has all the resources needed to end poverty worldwide, however, the country’s efforts to try are highly weak. From the total earnings of the U.S. federal budget, less than 1% of it goes into foreign assistance, while other areas like military spending are over seven times that amount. The U.S. government could be doing so much more to ensure that more funding goes toward the International Affairs Budget.

Mobilize- After participants of the event learn about the issues going on in the world currently, they are then ready to learn why supporting the efforts of The Borgen Project is super essential. From the issues that were listed previously, The Borgen Project works towards decreasing the number of people worldwide that are living in poverty, and this is done by focusing on the stakeholders of ending this madness, Congressional leaders and the people. The mobilizing efforts are where the people come in because constituents of house representatives and state senators have the power to change the opinions of those in Congress.

What The Borgen Project mainly does is it seeks different bills that were created that would potentially target a grassroot problem of global poverty. For example, mental health problems can prohibit people from attaining a proper education or maintaining a steady job, so one bill that the organization supports is the Mental Health in International Development and Humanitarian Settings (MINDS) Act. This bill increases the incorporation of mental health facilities into federal programs that provide foreign assistance. Having a mass number of people change their behaviors to value the support of bills like these would ensure the world’s change in direction.

Educate- After the mobilizing process of explaining the significance for a massive number of people to support the efforts of The Borgen Project, it is now time to teach how one could make contributions. As stated before, the stakeholders are not only in the people, but they are in the Congressional leaders as well. House representatives and state senators have a say in what bills should be converted into official laws after proposing them to the president, so this makes them high priority targets.

The Borgen Project has made it super simple for people to simply email their Congressional leaders because its website starts off by proposing all the legislative pieces that it supports. All someone has to do is select the piece of legislation that they would like to support, and then the website automatically types out the email for the person by explaining why the person wants to support the bill. All people need to do is put in their full names, email addresses, and locations so that the website can identify who the email should belong to and to identify what Congressional leaders should be contacted.

Emailing is not the only option for the people as everyone could contribute in a couple other ways as The Borgen Project’s website also provides the phone numbers and social media accounts of every Congressional leader within the U.S. People just need to put in their locations, so that the website can identify the Congressional leaders of that person. There are also donations that can be accepted as well that would go towards funding the operations of The Borgen Project.

Advocate- Now that the people are educated on how they could contact their Congressional leaders, they should now focus on doing so by emailing or calling them with the help of The Borgen Project’s website. Emailing is a bit easier, but phone calls are nothing to be intimidated about because the phone call may last up to only 30 seconds. In that time, they will ask if you are a constituent, they will ask your zip code, and they will ask what piece of legislation you are supporting. It is that simple.


April 2
10:00 AM - 10:40 AM EDT
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Luke Tedford
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