Jack Johnson – One Step Ahead

credit: Morgan Maassen

The latest album from Jack Johnson, Meet The Moonlight (out June 24th) opens on a question opens on a question about the strange complexities of human nature, and never lets up on its heartfelt push for deeper understanding. Over the course of ten captivating and endlessly unpredictable tracks, the multi-platinum-selling singer/songwriter examines a whole spectrum of existential concerns (the impermanence of life and fragility of human connection, the struggle for community and presence in an ever-fragmenting world), infusing each inquiry with the profound warmth and poetic grace that have always permeated his music. His eighth studio album and first new full-length in five years, Meet The Moonlight ultimately affirms Johnson as an essential voice in elevating our perspective and subtly guiding us toward a more expansive state of mind. “In some ways good songs are like good science, where they create a chain of thought that just leads to more questions,” says Johnson. “There’s not always that nice clean solution for what to do next if you want a perfect relationship or more peace of mind; sometimes it’s just pointing out everything that gets in the way of that. But hopefully the song ends up making you feel good, and gives you the comfort of knowing that other people are going through the same hardships.”



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