Left Field Messiah – Fuzz Machine

If you listen for it, a voice reverberates, pleading for spontaneity, more chaos, less thought. For Steve Bays (of Hot Hot Heat), Jeremy Ruzumna (of Fitz & The Tantrums) and Erik Janson (formerly of Wildling), Left Field Messiah is their embrace of their internal calling: a rallying cry to document their impulsive, weird, eclectic and even ugly ideas. Their music teeters between soul and dark funk in one moment, and quickly disintegrates into howling rock on the next. Their song ìFuzz Machine,î is perhaps the best example of LFMís ethos, with lines like ìeveryday Iím a wreck, cuz rock is deadî swimming between blown out 80s synth stabs, a brittle nylon guitar sample, and harmonica. In this age of endless distraction, we need to embrace our moments of internal rebellion and find a lane to express it. For Bays, Ruzumna and Janson, Left Field Messiah is thatótheir search for a way out.


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