Weekend Efforts for Missing Freehold Woman (via Facebook)

We are trying to gather as many people as are willing to come out on Saturday 12/21 at 9:00AM, to the Freehold Township High School football field, 281 Elton Adelphia Rd. Freehold Township NJ, for two very important reasons. First, It is our way to recognize all of you, if only for a moment, to thank all of you for all of the generosity and support you have shown us from day one of this ordeal. Second, to continue a media blitz to get Stephanie’s message out there again, so that we can “BRING STEPH HOME”! These are two very important things to our family, and most importantly to Stephanie. We understand, during this busy time of the year, the holidays, it is very difficult to make time to do secondary things. We certainly do not want anyone to upset their daily lives. We know these things take time away from home and from your loved ones. However, that being said. I ask you to continue to take that time for Stephanie. She can’t ask you herself, to take that desperately needed time out of your daily lives, so we are doing it for her. We can’t keep these efforts going without all of you. PLEASE COME OUT FOR AN HOUR OR SO SATURDAY TO BE APART OF THE AERIAL PHOTO. We want Stephanie to be able to see all of the people that were out there trying to find her. We need your help! The photo will not be possible without the people turning out to make it happen. We currently have 40 people signed up, we need hundreds… Please sign up, Thank you!